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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

Our ERP Solutions team boasts some of the best consultants in the industry.  They have worked in many different corporate environments and are seasoned veterans in their areas of specialization.  Solutions Point Professional Services continues its commitment to best of breed technologies, having centered our ERP Solutions practice around them.

l J. D. Edwards
J. D. Edwards has long been recognized as an industry leader in the ERP arena.  With product offerings including Asset Management, Project Management and Financial Management, they cover the spectrum of business needs.  An open architecture approach has been incorporated into J. D. Edwards ERP solutions, adding even more strength to their offering.  This allows for integration with other industry-leading products, such as IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite (supported by Solutions Point Professional Services E-Business group).


l Oracle
A long time player in the database world, Oracle moved into the application space in the early 90s.  Since then, Oracle has continued to enhance a product line which currently includes: Financials, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Oracle offers web-enabled, Java-based solutions that tightly integrate with their market-dominating database system.  Solutions Point Professional Services consultants provide expertise in everything from database design and implementation to implementation and customization of the E-Business Suite.

l PeopleSoft
Originally a Human Resource Management System, PeopleSoft has developed into a robust suite of ERP applications.  Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Project Management, are all part of the PeopleSoft solution.  PeopleSoft, built upon an Open Integration Framework (OIF), allows integration with existing legacy applications or future applications.  Early on, PeopleSoft teamed with BEA to incorporate the BEA Tuxedo product into their architecture (also supported by Solutions Point Professional Services E-Business group).  The resulting product provides built in failover, load balancing, monitoring, encryption, and compression for PeopleSoft's applications.  This makes PeopleSoft reliable, responsive, and secure.


As the world's third-largest independent software provider, SAP has consistently set the standard for ERP solutions and remains a dominant force in the industry.  Supply Chain Management, Financials, Procurement, and Product Lifecycle Management are all part of the SAP solution.  In recognition of variances in business operations, SAP has also designed industry-specific mapping tools.  These tools provide a means for clients to better understand their business processes and then determine the company's needs.  Solutions Point Professional Services SAP consultants will work alongside your team to build the ERP solution to help make your business successful.

Want to preserve a legacy application or two?  Install a new ERP moduleMigrate off a "home-grown" system?
Solutions Point Professional Services ERP consultants can make it happen.