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E-Business Solutions

The E-Business Solutions group helps solve some of the most critical issues facing your business today.  Security is of paramount importance as attacks on web infrastructures increase, threatening  the sensitive data on your website.  Portals increase efficiency and communication by organizing and aggregating information from multiple sources, while allowing the user to personalize this information.  Directories provide the underlying infrastructure for security and portals and can be used for generating on-line information such as corporate phone books.  Our Java consultants have specialized in the hottest and most widely-used application servers in industry.

l Security Services

l Java Development Services

We secure websites and applications using best of breed products to develop policies and privileges for users accessing your company's on-line resources.  Centralized administration makes managing your users much easier.  Centralized authentication and access control means signing on once to access all resources that a user has permissions for (single sign-on).

We will work with your IT staff to determine needs for access control, encryption, intrusion detection, and vulnerability management.          


Our Java team has consultants skilled in every aspect of the language. Most are Java certified and some certified on one or more application servers. They are a team that knows how to build world-class solutions in Java.


l Directory Services

l Portal Services 

Directories are like databases in that they store information. Most databases are relational and are meant to store a great deal of information about many things.  A directory is meant to store a lesser amount of information, usually about company resources (such as employees and conference rooms).  Because of this, directories are hierarchical and have very fast lookup times.

Our consultants will work alongside your company's team to develop the directory schema and the best technology on which to implement it.
   Portals provide a window into your company through a web browser that is customizable by the person "looking in".  A portal allows you to aggregate information and applications to a single point of interaction.  They are ideal for all transactions--business to business, business to employee, and business to consumer--in that they provide access according to each user's privileges and personalize the experience for that user.  Users can even post data to the portal.  Solutions Point Professional Services can integrate software from other vendors as well as integrate legacy applications into your portal.